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Group walks are best for dog owners who are busy working, having a day out, have limited mobility or their dog needs to burn energy off. All dogs are treated as individuals and we will recommend a different service if it may be more suited for them. Dogs are walked in groups in safe countryside locations.

THE BIG ADVENTURE (group walk)


Do you feel like your pooch doesn’t burn off enough energy? We now offer a big adventure walk once a month! (Usually the 2nd Saturday of each month) We explore beaches, hills, lochs, and the awesome Scottish countryside over 3+ hours. 

Dogs will be home for 5pm (just in time for dinner!)



This is a home visit for any type of pet; hamster, cat, snake, bearded dragon, dog... These visits are tailored to suit the needs of you and your pet. The visit can be for feeding, a trip into the garden, or just some company. For dogs who only need time in the garden we provide 2 visits per day at no extra cost, if this is required.



​The new addition to your family will want all the attention they can get. So we provide a service that your puppy will love. We gradually build up their walking times as they grow, and socialise them with other dogs in our pack. We can build them up to joining us on group walks. During each visit any mess will be cleaned up and puppy pads can be replaced if necessary.



We know that poo pick up isn't the best - we can come to your home and clear the garden of poo!



If you're going away, we will take care of your pet in their own home. We stay overnight and take care of them as if they're our own pets. 

We give them the care and attention they deserve while you have peace of mind that your home & pet are safe.

Dog's can come out on group walks during the day at no extra cost.

Dates will be very limited for availability so get in contact with us asap.

Free introduction walk.

Collection and drop-off is included in the price and never affect the length of the walk.

Towel dried and paws wiped when dropped off home.

Water bowls refreshed.

Feeding, treats etc. can be given (if requested) at no extra cost.

Photo's of walks posted to Facebook & Instagram

Trackers may be attached to dogs collars/harnesses.

Dogs can be walked off-lead with your written permission and only when safe.

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