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Group Walks

1 Walk: £10

5 Walks: £40

Puppy Visits

From: £6

Home Visits

from: £6

The Big Adventure


Discount for second dog from same pick up location

Group Walking Times*

Morning : 10am - 11am

Afternoon : 1pm - 2pm

Big Adventure

Will be home by 5pm 

*Walking times are guidelines only, as times may vary day-to-day

Discounts are available for multiple dogs from the same home.

Dogs do not need perfect recall for off the lead walking.

Off lead walking will be judged on an individual basis and only allowed with your written permission.

Any off lead walking will be introduced on a gradual basis.

At the end of each walk your dog will be rubbed down with a towel.

Water bowls will be refreshed and fed if required.

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