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Our story

When I’m asked how I stared this business, I usually find myself explaining how I fell into it. I never thought I’d have my own successful business at 22. I started off working with another dog walker, and decided to leave and go for it myself. Growing up I loved all types of animals. We had a cat, Garfield, who I grew up with, along side chipmunks, fish, hamsters. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I got my first dog, Fudge, then 2 years later Peanut joined the pack.


Leading Paws started as a one-woman-band, then over time I realised that my businesses was growing and I needed someone to help. This was one of the hardest things I had to do up until this point; finding someone I could trust other than myself to care for these animals that I have been caring for and have formed such a strong bond with. Evan fitted this perfectly, I knew she would care for them all the way I do. Leading Paws continued to grow, and recently welcomed its newest member of the team, Pamela. We all care for the dogs like they’re our own and pride ourselves on the dogs having fun and enjoying themselves when out on their walks.

I quickly learned that when you find people who are equally passionate about working with animals it can lead to something wonderful.


Our mission has always been to provide pet owners with someone who is reliable, trustworthy and caring to care for their pets, and I am grateful to have been given the chance to do so for so many amazing people.


I am so grateful for all my clients and their pets. I love my job, and cannot thank my clients, and all the amazing people who support Leading Paws, enough. The LP team are amazing, and cannot wait to see what the future brings us!


Your pets bestie,




Fudge and Peanut: Nicole (and Pamela's) chihuahua's.

(Fudge: long haired. Peanut: short haired)

Fudge joined our family in 2011 and he stole all our hearts straight away (even our dad's who was adamant he didn't want a dog - he was also first to let Fudge sleep in bed beside him!). Fudge was so tiny when we picked him up to come home, he was the smallest in his litter but as he grew he became the biggest once fully grown! He loved life as a solo dog, going on adventures (west highland way, beaches etc.) and getting all the attention everywhere we went.

Then Peanut joined the family in 2013..

At first Fudge was not happy, he didn't play with Peanut and would do all his tricks to try steal Peanut's treats. After a little while he realised that Peanut wasn't too bad, and the playing and craziness begun! However, to Fudge's horror Peanut loves being inside snuggled in bed and hates any type of weather that isn't scorching hot sunshine. As a family we go camping in the highlands, on beaches etc - Fudge loves this and lives his best life, but Peanut is a bit lost and wonders when we're going home (and refuses to walk on the sand because he doesn't like the feeling). They're polar opposites of each other most of the time, but they showed us how every dog is different (just like humans). They complete our family and wouldn't have them any other way (maybe a dash less of the crazy!)

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